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Campaign Case

Campaign goal

German Wella Professionals joined forces with Brandheroes on a big scale to spread the word of the WellaFlex & Shockwave hairsprays through 100 local micro-influencers across the major cities in Denmark and Sweden.

The goal was to strengthen brand awareness and top-of-mind preference among young girls and women with care for hair beauty and self-expression.

Campaign details

Since 1880, Wella Professionals has delivered innovative and inspiring hair care products to individuals and salon professionals. Wella has become an easily accessible brand, because they reach out to all people around the world at a budget-friendly price point.

For this campaign, we carefully selected 100 of the most influential local influencers with a profound affection for personal hairstyle and haircare in the biggest cities in Sweden and Denmark. We made sure that their followers shared similar interest and that the majority lived in the targeted cities.

The influencers each received a goodie bag from Wella, containing the campaign products and other goods valued at 750 SEK. Then, the influencers had to share two photos with their followers, showing their Wella products in a personal “getting ready” setting. This was the exciting part, where the influencers could get really creative and make it truly personal and fun. They also added the selected campaign hashtags: #wellaflex #shockwaves #mybeautifulhair.

The 100 Swedish and Danish Brandheroes were authentic micro-influencers with between 597 and 5206 followers and a combined following of 276.171 people. They posted in total 193 beautiful images, which got 38.862 likes and comments. This amounted to an average engagement rate of 9.8%, where the best engagement rate for one post was an impressive 48.8%.

The micro-influencers not only amplified brand awareness, preference and high engagement within an unexploited segment. They also produced striking images, which Wella Professionals has shared as authentic content across its channels.


Denmark & Sweden


100 local micro-influencers


193 posts in total


Total combined followers: 276.171


Total reach of all posts:




Total engagements:: 38.862

likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 9,8%


Full-service model over
14 days

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