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Everyone has a reason for being around – ours is a big and wild one: To change the world by changing the face of advertising – with the power of smiles.

It’s no coincidence that we call our family of micro-influencers Brandheroes. The way we see it, they’re real superheroes with real superpowers. And that superpower is their beaming smiles and brand-love.

Smiles are so much more than just a facial expression. A smile can change the world. It’s a universal language, a friend-maker. A smile is contagious and has the power to make people around us happy. If you’ve ever tried to hold back a smile, you know it’s mission impossible.

Want to know how we use smiles to build a better world with better advertising? Let’s start by having a look at what science says about smiling.

A British study recently discovered just how powerful a smile is. The researchers found that one genuine smile produces the same level of dopamine in the brain as eating 2,000 chocolate bars. That’s A LOT of chocolate. They also discovered that a smile can be as satisfying as receiving 16,000 British Pounds in cash.

So, it’s a fact that smiles make us feel good and improve our own lives and the lives of others. But isn’t smiling just a temporary sensation, rather than something that can change the world, you might ask?

Wait, there’s more.

Through a 30-year long study, the Institute of Berkeley uncovered an interesting connection between people smiling in their high school yearbook, and their future health, job situation and overall happiness. Smiling more can mean a longer life with more joy and opportunities. Happy people make better decisions and are keener on helping others because they have less stress and depression in general.

So here we are… with massive arguments on how smiling can change the world, one smile at the time.

At Brandheroes, we believe in equality and that smiles are a democratic good – you don’t have to be a celebrity or super blogger for your smile to have impact. We transform the newsfeeds on social media with personal branded content from the girl next door, the restaurant owner or the sheriff in town. And we do this by spreading heartwarming smiles around the products and services we love –  all in an impactful package called Brandheroes.

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