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Campaign Goal

The prestige cosmetic brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauty joined forces with Brandheroes on a recent full-service ambassador campaign. The goal was to create a demand for YSL beauty products through selected fashionista micro influencers in Helsinki who attended an exclusive party event.

Campaign Details

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most influential European design houses, holding some of the strongest and most desired products in the fashion world. Saint Laurent, the designer of YSL started his career at Dior in the 1950s and took the world by storm with his ability to evolve French couture. YSL Beauty takes the aesthetics, fashion and attitude from the main brand and injects it into the exclusive cosmetic beauty products and fragrances.

In this campaign, we found 21 top-of-the-line beauty girls, who had the attitude YSL were looking for. They were chosen for their fierce personality, glamorous lifestyle and selective preference in beauty products and personal care. We made sure that their followers shared a common interest and that the majority lived in the targeted cities.

The influencers first got an invitation to an International VIP party Helsinki by YSL, where the dress code was “rock chick”. Prior to the event, the influencers were given a YSL lipstick and mascara to dress up YSL style. At the glamorous party, they had to post one picture and one story on Instagram along with the selected campaign hashtags: #yslbeautyclubhelsinki & #heretostay.

The 21 Finnish ambassadors were trustworthy micro-influencers with between 549 and 109.111 followers and a combined following of 283.000 people. They posted in total 21 beautiful images and 21 personal stories, which got 11.563 likes and comments. 

YSL Beauty’s own official Instagram profile had an average engagement rate of 0.19% during the campaign timeframe, whereas the Brandheroes boasted an average engagement rate of 14.4% for YSL Beauty. The most successful post got a striking engagement rate of 51.7%. This just underlines the impact of collaborating with micro-influencers. 

The micro-influencers not only improved brand awareness, preference and high engagement within an unexploited segment. They also produced beautiful images, which YSL Beauty can share as authentic content across its channels.




21 local micro-influencers


21 posts & 21 stories    in total


Total combined followers: 283.000


Total reach of all posts:  283.000



Total engagements: 11.536 likes and comments

Engagement rate

Average engagement rate: 14,4%


Full-service model     over 14 days

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