There are many good reasons to love the Super Bowl –  the food, the snacks and of course the game. At Brandheroes, we especially love it because of the amazing commercials. Super Bowl is often named as the unofficial championship of tv advertising. It’s the stage for some of the best ads and further, it’s often at this stage some of the biggest brands in the world kickoff of their brand new ad campaigns.

We in particular like Amazon’s contribution this year. In Amazon’s Super Bowl ad, they show what happens when their famous voice assistant, Alexa, loses her voice. Alexa’s voice is replaced by celebrities such as chef Gordon Ramsay and the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. In a funny way, Amazon emphasises how Alexa cannot be replaced – not even by famous celebrities. Furthermore, it points out how dependent Americans have become of their voice assistant that has gone from being a niche product to being a mainstream product in American households. You can watch the ad below.

Fun fact:

For the cost of a 30-second ad on Super Bowl, you can activate 45.831 micro influencers.