What would happen to your brand and sales if each of your products sold was shared on the customers’ social media?

We know that at least 334.531.664 people have shared a #selfie. So what if you gave them a reason to include your product in their next selfie? Like Trident has done it with this cool looking concept packaging of a selfie-friendly chewing gum.


Let’s do a fun guesstimate:

If Tridents sold 10pc of their selfie gum in 1.000 stores each day, then 10.000 #tridentselfies would be shared to an average of 500 followers, reaching 5.000.000 people each day with a very personal cool looking image – and we know that consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions (Nielsen’s, 2016)

A Super Bowl ad is reaching around 110.000.000 people for a cost of 5.000.000 USD, so in this guesstimate, each month Trident will reach the same amount of people as a Super Bowl ad with a very personalized and probably much more effective form of advertising – NOT for 5.000.000 USD but for the price of a very smart and creative packaging design!

Check out their amazing packaging here.