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What if the most influential people in e.g. Copenhagen or Hamburg was your brand ambassadors? With more than 14.000 micro influencers in 140 cities worldwide, we are the largest local influencer marketing service in the world.


18% of consumers trust recommendations from mega influencers, while 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. This testifies, that trust and transparency are extremely important for today’s conscious consumers and furthermore that recommendations from people they know, have a much greater impact. We believe in the value of “Local micro influencers” focusing on the qualitative, rather than the quantitative, aspects of social media influence.


We all know them – the cool person who everyone in town knows. The person you occasionally bump into, and maybe know personally. The person who have built up a strong network of social media followers, by taking great pictures and sharing interesting content. The person who might not be known worldwide, but they have a high level of influence in the local area they live in. We are, of cause, talking about local key opinion leaders.

We call them Brandheroes and we believe in the huge potential in engaging these local personalities as brand ambassadors, because they possess a credibility and authenticity that ordinary people can mirror themselves in and identify with.


Our software is built upon a deep integration to Instagrams API of location, allowing us to identify the most influential persons, in various target groups, within a radius of 10.000 meters of any given address in the world. As an example, we can specifically identify the most influential females, aged 25-35, interested in fashion, beauty and kids living in Berlin. The level of influence is calculated from the interrelationship between number of followers from the local area, the average post interaction, the credibility and the strength of the relationships with their friends on social medias.

On your behalf, we will contact our best micro influencers in your target group, and sign them as your local brand ambassadors. We don’t believe in paying the micro influencers to be ambassadors, but we will provide them with free branded products of yours, and in return they are obliged to post pictures of the products and mention your brand on their private social media channels. Without dictating the nature of the content, the micro influencers will receive guidelines about what to post so it complies with your brand identity. All we want is genuine and authentic content.

All your local brand ambassadors are monitored in the Brandheroes Influencer Relationship system (IRM) to ensure, their commitment to the signed ambassador agreement. Data on selected KPI’s (reach, interaction e.g.), and all content created by the ambassadors, can be exported and used as “real life” content at your marketing channels. Through our Brandheroes you will experience massive and trustworthy local exposure, and a lot of content generated.

JJ X Brandheroes

Just like our client Jack&Jones, we believe that there is a huge potential using local “micro” influencers as a part of your marketing strategy, because they posses a credibility and authenticity that ordinary people identify with.


Engagement and reach when collaboration with big commercial bloggers and celebrities is falling rapidly. Conversely, it is truly impressive how far we reach by activating smaller and local influencers trough Brandheroes.

Henning Nielsen - Omnichannel Manager JACK&JONES

Brandheroes is helping us build a closer relationship with local influencers and By Malene Birgers customers and in that way increasing both traffic and sales in-store and online.

Rina Hansen - Marketing & Omnichannel Director BMB


All you have to do, is choose which product you want your new local ambassadors to promote, then we do the rest!


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