Brandheroes ApS

We are Brandheroes

Not just another influencer agency!
We are a marketing company specialised in the media someone decided to name “influencers”. It's actually pretty simple, we digitalize the oldest marketing discipline - word-of-mouth and we do it at scale, globally! 

Based on technology

But fueled by people.

Some call them influencers, others call them content creators. We call them heroes - Brandheroes, that can be activated in mass media influencer campaigns with minimum involvement and maximum brand safety!

Exceptional outcome

By using micro influencers in your marketing mix, you'll:
Reach your target group through endorsement of influencers they follow and trust with high engaged  authentic content that you also get the rights to use across your own channels!

I'm an Influencer

Be a Hero for your favourite brands. Share the love on Instagram and get rewarded with exclusive pre-launched products from brands like H&M, The Body Shop, Boozt, Vero Moda, Dyson etc. Sign Up now and you can be one of the thousands of influencers that receives free pieces of clothing, makeup, jewellery, chocolate, skin care, interior items etc.

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I'm a brand

Accelerate word of mouth, engagement and share of social media voice, when launching your next new product or campaign. Check out some of our case studies below, or book a free creative campaign brief through this link.

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I'm an agency

Looking for a new commercial mass media to build up your customers brand preference, with minimal involvement and maximum brand safety.

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Trusted by

Brandheroes is a fast-growing global community of tens of thousands of local micro influencers, who are all carefully casted and selected. Firstly, by algorithms measuring audience demographics and engagement rates. Secondly, by validating profile and brand-fit by a trained human eye. Together with our team of more than 40 Influencer- and Customer Success managers we create Impactful, cost effective and real brand loving campaigns and ambassador programs for some of the world's most amazing brands and agencies.

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Campaign flow

Campaing Brief

Start by finding the kind of influencer campaign you're looking for and order a free creative campaign brief. We’ll get back to you with an offer and the suggested influencer brief and inspiration images for your approval.

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100% Brand safe

When everything is approved, the campaign goes live to the target group in our app, we'll then do a manual brandfit check before sending the product in a nice unboxing friendly package. When the influencer pitch in their content, we'll do a second brand safety check for image quality, correct mark of advertising and campaign fit, before releasing the post on social media.

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KPI & content

During and after the campaign you'll have access to our live KPI dashboard, where you can follow reach and engagement rates and download all copyfree content in high-resolution for sharing or integrating in your own channels.

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