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    Are you launching a new product? Opening a new store? Or are you just looking for authentic content – with high engagement and trustworthy reach – for your next campaign? Then go check out our service Post on Demand!

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    Looking to increase footfall and sales in your stores and webshop, then you should have a look at our OMNI Ambassadors, where we make it possible to activate your own army of ongoing brand ambassadors


    Brandheroes is a fast-growing community of thousands of local micro influencers, who are all carefully casted and selected. Firstly, by algorithms measuring audience demographics and engagement rates. Secondly, by validating profile and brand-fit by a trained human eye.

    Check out an audience demographic report on one of our Brandheroes here

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    To us, what is special about working with Brandheroes, is not only the influencer service and support, but also the continuous advice on digital developments within retail. That’s the reason why we collaborate with Brandheroes on global omnichannel roll out for all of our stores – with an anchoring in our local heroes

    Henning Nielsen

    Omni Channel Manager, Jack & Jones

    We have a great collaboration with our beauty squad of Brandheroes across the country. They really make a difference - and we can see it in the numbers. The fact that 4 out of our 5 top performing stores in 2017 ran a Brandheroes ambassador program says it all!

    Marianne Gullov

    Communications manager, The Body Shop

    The Brandheroes team are very good at making you feel talented and special, so I found myself feeling more confident and inspired. It’s amazing to get recognition, feedback, tips and tricks. Personally, these messages have made my day every time!

    Astrid Brynnum Andersen

    Brandhero, @astridandersenb

    I found a natural fit with Brandheroes; combining the same vision regarding online & social media content. Finding one another and working together professionally to create quality and well-thought-out content only reinforced the motivation to create.

    Quinten Van Puyenbroeck

    Brandhero, @Quintenvp

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