General Data Protection Regulation


Taking correct care of your personal data is absolutely essential for the success of Brandheroes. Here we briefly introduce our principles on the collection and processing of personal data, as well as how the use of your personal data is aligned with the current data protection regulations. The purpose is to give you an overview and to guide you in the right direction, if you want to know more about how we process personal data. Are you a Brandheroes customer, you can download our General Data Processing Agreement.

What is Personal Data?

Personal data is any information relating to a person, for example a name and an address, but also specific details and characteristics on the individual. The legislation distinguishes between ordinary (non-sensitive) personal data and sensitive personal data. Sensitive data is all data that tells something about a person’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, membership of a trade union, physical or mental health condition or sexual life. At Brandheroes we strive to avoid saving any kind of sensitive data regarding all our external stakeholders (e.g. influencers and customers).

Who is responsible for your data?

The legal entity responsible for processing and storing your personal data collected by Brandheroes is:

Brandheroes ApS
Strømmen 32
8960 Randers SØ

If you have any questions regarding your personal data or need instructions on how to edit or delete your stored data, please contact [email protected] 

Why do we process personal data?

Our business at Brandheroes is to identify and engage with local micro influencers and connect them with relevant brands and campaigns. Doing this, we collect and process personal data from our influencers, but only in the form of personal data that is necessary and relevant for the specific task. In fact most of the information we collect from our influencers is content that is already public available on the influencers social media profile. At Brandheroes, all processing of personal data is based on a relevant legal basis. In the case of influencers, this basis is a formal consent to our Terms & Conditions.

What do we do with your data?

First of all, Brandheroes is very committed to the security of your personal data. In order to avoid unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure and to warrant the accuracy and the correct use of the data, we have put the according technical and organizational procedures in place to secure and protect your data. You can read more about our procedures in our GDPR report. In general, we use data from influencers for communicating, delivering prizes and to serve you with relevant brands and campaings. Personal data are kept on record for the duration of our collaboration with each influencer. 

Do we share your personal data?

We don’t sell your data and we only share personal data with partners and suppliers with whom we have entered into a formal Data Processing Agreement with, either in the form of our Vendor Data Processing Agreement or by adhering to the data processing agreement used by our partners. Formal data processing agreements are meant to guarantee that data is always processed in compliance with the relevant regulation.
Similarly, we always make sure to comply with all relevant regulation when we ourselves act as data processer for third parties  by basing our collaboration either on our general data processing agreement or on a data processing agreement used by our customers. 

What are your rights?

An important purpose of the revised regulation on data security is to clearly define the rights of so-called data subjects (persons whose personal data is processed).

When working with Brandheroes, you have the right to be informed about the personal data being processed, as well as the right to withdraw your consent to our Terms & Conditions at any time.

If, for any reason, you fear that we may have saved your personal data inappropriately or would like your data to be edited or  deleted, you can contact [email protected]

Yearly Audit

We regularly evaluate our processes for collecting and processing personal data in order to make sure that all we do is done in compliance with the relevant regulation. Furthermore, each December we’ll perform an publish an compliance audit, where all of our processes and security measures are thoroughly assessed, alligned with our GDPR report that was carried out, when GDPR entered into force May 2018 and updated December 2019 and updated yearly.

Where can you learn more?

In our Terms & Conditions, you can read more about your rights and about the legal basis for processing personal data from influencers.
In our Terms of Purchase you can read about the terms on which our customers engage with Brandheroes. For general information about the relevant legislation etc., we refer to the Danish Data Protection Agency