Do like some of the worlds best agencies and become a Brandheroes Partner
Running an influencer campaign can be time consuming and expensive. But not with us. We offer full service and fixed prices on the entire campaign.

As a Partner Agency you'll get:

Free and fast pitch support
We know you are busy. That’s why our team of agency specialists are ready to suggested influencer profiles and a campaign offer within 24 hours.

Full service campaign management
We’ll set up the campaign, including influencer brief and inspiration images and send for your approval before the campaign goes live to the influencers. We'll also handle all product logistics and ship your clients products in nice unboxing friendly packaging. 

100% Brand safety in three steps
1. Each influencer that signs up to become a Brandhero is checked for audience credibility by both algorithms and a trained human eye.
2. When the influencer sign up for a campaign, we do a manual brand-fit check. 
3. Each piece of content is manually checked for correct mark of advertising and quality, before released to be shared on social media. 

Live KPI reporting
Our platform is build on top of first party data, directly from our influencers that makes it possible for us to always provide KPI reporting and high-resolution content download through our live dashboard, see example here

Commercial attractive program
To hear more about the commercial benefits of partnering with us, please reach out to our CCO Rasmus Arendt Nielsen at [email protected] or +4522909371