We have established a corps of 15.000 human sales channels and some of them can be yours. For the past four years we have worked intensely on digitizing the oldest marketing discipline - word of mouth. A new add-on to that is social selling, which is becoming quite popular among brands and customers. People trust people over advertising - simple as that. 

You now have the opportunity to make influencer marketing a successful and profitable performance channel by converting impressions to sales.

We transform every Brandhero’ to your local sale ambassador by giving them a discount code. Our content creators share the discount code with their followers through their approved content. That way, you can track your sales throughout the campaign and you can feel the relief of your goods leaving your warehouse.

This type of marketing has proved to be very successful. Daniel Wellington and iDeal of Sweden are famous for this marketing manoeuvre and have built incredible brands in a short period of time. Daniel Wellington relies exclusively on influencer marketing and social selling, and has not changed this strategy even after Instagram opened the possibility to invest in paid advertisement. Investing €17,000 of his own money to start the business, founder Filip Tysander turned to micro-influencers to make noise about his watches. He figured that the voices of several smaller influencers could be louder than one celebrity shoutout. He was right.

Example on how to boost your sales:

  • 100 influencers x 4 pieces of content (2 x posts & 2 x stories) x 2.500 followers = 1.000.000 impressions 
  • Total 1.000.000 impressions with and estimates clickthrough rate of 3% = 30.000 visits to the webshop of your brand. 

3% conversion of the visits and an average basket size of €66  = €59.400 turnover (you know the exact numbers of your conversion rate and basket size)