Reasons to increase influencer marketing in times of recession

1. engage local influencers 

Doing recession most brands might put expensive expansion plans on hold. But why not just instead use local influencers to showcase city landmarks, that way you'll still keep the appearance of a local presence. 

2. Drowning in excess inventory?

One of the Superpowers of influencers is to turn excess inventory into marketing and sales in a very cost effective way. Curious to know more? feel free to book a info call here.

3. Attack is the best defence

Recession = less competition in the advertising space = lower CPM and especially on TikTok you can ramp up millions of impressions with even quite small budgets at the moment. 

+1. If you think a RECESSION is expensive

Then try to launch a product, service or into a new market without prober market fit - always (also in time of recession) try to engage influencers within the target group first, then you'll get a very accurate feel of how easy or hard the launch will be - with our +30k influencers global network we can easily help you with test campaigns, feel free to book a info call here.