🍒✨ Cherry Nail Trend: The Sweet Touch for Social Media Influence! 💅🌟

🍒✨ Cherry Nail Trend: The Sweet Touch for Social Media Influence! 💅🌟

Dive into the delightful world of Cherry Nails, the newest manicure trend sweeping across Instagram and Pinterest. #CherryNails is all about flaunting adorable, cherry-themed nail art, combining vibrant reds with playful designs. This trend is a fantastic opportunity for beauty and nail care brands to showcase their range of red polishes, nail art tools, and care products.

For brands, Cherry Nails offer a creative canvas to highlight the quality and variety of your nail products. Envision your brand's red polish glistening on beautifully manicured hands, adorned with tiny cherries or cherry blossom motifs. Partner with influencers known for their nail art expertise to amplify this trend. Their artistic renditions of Cherry Nails can serve as a captivating showcase of your products' versatility and color range.

🍒 Design ➡️ Flaunt ➡️ Inspire!

This trend not only stands out for its cute and chic appeal but also acts as a vibrant medium for brands to display their products' flair and finesse. Collaborating with nail art influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok ensures that your brand captures the hearts of a style-conscious audience, eager to embrace the latest in nail fashion.

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You'll be in great company

Thanks for the report, this seems like really good results.

Interesting to see the results compared with our normal influencer campaigns and it looks good!

Vibeke Holann

Marketing manager

Brandheroes approach to marketing and brand activations is innovative and their constant pursuit towards pushing the boundaries make Brandheroes an ideal partner for us.  

Kenneth Brinkmann


Working with BrandHeroes is fast and easy.

They are able to find us micro influencers that allow us to reach new customers in markets across Europe. 

The turnaround time is impressive and the team at BH is very responsive!

Evan Thomas

Head of influencer marketing

The Nordic Google team was always very impressed with the collaborations we had with you and the team at Brandheroes, and I'm also positively impressed with the results of previous campaigns.

Jasper van Laanen

Product Marketing Manager

We've been working with Brandheroes over the past years, establishing a global corps of micro influencers and Brandheroes has been the ideal partner for us all the way through.

Hannah Roberts

Global social media manager

Brandheroes has been a major part of activating the ARLA Protein brand over the past years. They have a ”can do” attitude and are ready to solve every challenge you give them, and the constant eager to challenge the ordinary makes Brandheroes a joy to work with.

Tanja Band Udengaard

Brand manager

When working with Brandheroes it never becomes triviel. The combination of ambition and professionalism is highly valuable to us. 

Trine Brønd-Jensen

Communication & Digital Manager

The incredibly pragmatic approach to marketing and the ability to re-think the traditional way of activating brands is a huge inspiration for us. 

Trine Rønsbøll

Brand & Strategy director