Brandheroes ApS



Campaign Goal

IKEA wished to affect the purchase behavior of the curious interior-loving people of Denmark while fueling awareness for their 2019 catalogue. How? With the power of micro influencer marketing, of course. 

Campaign Details

The IKEA catalogue is one of a kind in terms of volume – there really is no comparison. To give you an idea of just how popular it is, get this: The Bible is the most printed book with an average quantity of 100 million copies each year. IKEA tops that with 210 million printed copies of their catalogue distributed worldwide each year. Way to go, IKEA. Right?

This POD campaign featured 390 interior-enthusiastic female influencers aged 25 – 49 years. The influencers were instructed to pick up the 2019 catalogue either at their local IKEA warehouse or by ordering it through the Brandheroes Headquarters. After collecting the catalogues, the influencer magic could begin.