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RHANDERS can be traced back to the 13th century, but was founded in 1811
and is one of the finest and longest-standing glove makers in the world. 
Rhanders is brilliant to incorporate modern trends in their products and the iconic Yellow Driving Glove is a great example. The glove was designed in the late 1950s and updated in 2019 with a new touch-technology. 

Rhanders Gloves is truly an old soul with a amazing story. At the release of the new Yellow Driving Glove, Rhanders showed again, that they are ready to challenge the traditional way of thinking and chose Brandheroes to a global campaign and agreed in the new way to do marketing - word of mouth digitized through content-creators.

Brandheroes gathered 132 micro influencers globally, with the right brand fit, to show the world the new Yellow Driving Glove by creating authentic content.
A campaign that resulted in approximately half a million impressions and endless content, Rhanders can use on their own channels.

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