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Le Creuset

Le Creuset

Campaign Goal

French brand Le Creuset wanted to create brand awareness in Scandinavia, drawing attention to the cast-iron cooking gear in the hands of some of the most influential micro influencers on social media.

Campaign Details

Getting a pot from Le Creuset is basically like getting yourself a pet turtle – it can potentially outlive you. If that doesn’t qualify for quality, nothing can. The facts are clear whatsoever; Le Creuset has long been known for their long-lasting cast-iron pans and pots where quality and colourful styles are the main selling points. The products fit perfectly into the kitchen of a serious food connoisseur or the picky kitchen decorator, but the Scandinavian market is yet to discover the true need for the quality utilities. This sparked the idea for this influencer campaign.

90 foodies and interior obsessed influencers in both genders were handpicked. All living in the largest cities of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and proven to connect and engage with their loyal followers in a truthful and personal way. Self-learned chefs and food nerds were instructed to show how they cook healthy and colourful dishes with lots of spices and heat in an inspirational way.

First round of photo posts had to exhibit the gifted product being used in a nice kitchen setting, inspiring the followers to make a chosen dish or to cook in a specific way with the products. 

Second photo should encapsulate the beauty of integrating the colourful Le Creuset products in a decorative way while stored in the kitchen. The story had to explain to the followers that Le Creuset is now a stable in his or her kitchen in an excitement provoking sense. The pictures turned out to be personal, colourful and with an inspiring love for food. The influencers shared a total of 90 stories and 273 posts on Instagram, expressing their devotion to the style and quality of Le Creuset. This was done while mentioning #lecreusetdk/-no/-se in the caption according to the nationality of the influencer.