The Body Shop Global

The Body Shop Global

Beauty squad ambassador goal:

We can list the usual marketing parameters like:

  • Generating store traffic
  • Creating social content and building hashtag ownership
  • Building brand awareness, preference and loyalty within a desired target group
  • Generate awareness around launches of new product groups and campaigns
  • Showcasing content on the in-store walls and order-in-store tablets
  • Rating the store experience via the app

However, what it’s really all about, is supporting the local stores. Giving them life, heart and soul. The Body Shop only teams up with people, who are never afraid to stand out from the crowd and stand up for what’s right. Who compliments and enforces the purpose of the brand: “business can be a force of good”.

This might sound like a large task for our Brandheroes – blending a serious purpose with personality and humour, while also delivers on the above marketing parameters – but that’s what our Brandheroes do; Brand Ambassador Marketing. They are heroes after all…


The Body Shop has over 3.000 stores in 66 countries and employs over 22.000 people, who help bring their beautiful purpose to the world. They have long been a darling and favourite ethical skincare destination within their markets, but as we know, all darlings need a squad to keep their glam.

The Body Shop has collaborated with macro influencers for a good while, but they found that they needed a compliment to the macro influencers, who are amazing at creating awareness and a celebrity factor. They needed to build a tighter relationship with their target group, get them visibly involved with the brand to increase preference and leverage the long tail. Concretely, they needed to connect with a squad of hyper-local ambassadors to add new life to the brand and build relevancy within a younger target group.

Brandheroes was, therefore, the answer to establishing a local anchoring within the younger female segment with a love for sustainability and purposeful ethical products. The Body Shop heroes are now ambassadors, but also a part of the media mix, where they support product and campaign launches according to the campaign-calendar.


The Journey
Following a year’s collaboration with Brandheroes in Denmark, The Body Shop noticed a shift in the market. The results were clear: the top performing stores had a Brandheroes Beauty squad 

Based on the good learnings and results in Denmark, The Body Shop wanted to collaborate with local influencers across all of their markets. Therefore, they initiated a global pitch for a local influencer partner. It was a professional, long and extensive procurement process. Seriously, hats off to the The Body Shop team for their ways of working.

Admitted, we believe in fairy tales. And, all fairy tales end well. So yes, you guessed right… Brandheroes won the pitch both in 2018 and 2019 🙂

Now, this is impactful, cost-effective and full of real brand-love. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what The Body Shop says about their Brandheroes collab:

“We have a great collaboration with our beauty squad of Brandheroes across the country. They really make a difference – and we can see it in the numbers. The fact that 4 out of our 5 top performing stores in 2017 ran a Brandheroes ambassador program says it all”!

Marketing Manager Denmark,

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