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It’s been a mystery for all marketers and influencers how the Instagram algorithm decides what content will and will not be shown. Until now, that is. Because we’ ll share the secrets so you can finally tame that big social media monster.

It’s been revealed by Instagram that the algorithm is stimulated by 3 factors: Relations, Interest and Recency.

So, Recency means that if a post gets engagement right away, it will be featured to more people.

Relationship refers to the long-term loyalty that people have to a specific influencer. The longer and more engaging relationship, the more chance of future exposure.

Interest means that the app will show you the content of a specific interest that they think you would be interested in. It’s based on similar people’s prior behavior. This is why Brandheroes picks small influencers in direct interest groups as the campaign content. Because that ensures that the relevant followers will be exposed to the content.

Take these 3 parameters and work your strategy around them. We do that, and it’s a game changer.