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Ambassador Perfection

Ambassador Perfection

Do you struggle to get likes and comments on your social media posts? Is there a magic formula you’re missing out on? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

First off, to get more engagement from your followers, you need to share relevant and relatable content. You need a message that resonates with your consumer, so sharing funny cat memes on your company profile (however funny they may be) is a no-no.

Instead, you should be strategic and use ambassadors. Ambassadors? Yes.

Local, micro-influencers who know the right people (your future customers) and love your products.

Ambassadors are the new black – but as coffee goes, quality and careful selection win big. Brandheroes specialize in picking out just the right brand ambassadors to spread the 1:1 communication on behalf of your brand.

Think about it. Brand Ambassadors are the way to go if you want to shoot for the stars with your social media strategy.