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Blooming Flower Bomb

Blooming Flower Bomb

Flower flashes that initially began as a Lewis Miller Design in October 2016 keep popping up in New York City.

The most recent flower flash display was a car full of flowers seen on Prince Street in Soho. The display was a spring campaign for Intermix boutique at 98 Prince Street who partnered with a local florist. The campaign was inspired by @awolerizku’s “Ask The Dust”.

Sharing beautiful displays with flowers never gets old, and it’s the perfect low-cost marketing idea. Try to create a flower display that makes Instagrammers pose in front of your installation, tag your store and use your hashtag in the post. Influencers loved sharing pictures of themselves in front of the car with flowers.

What a way to get store publicity and embrace spring. Check out more pictures of the flower bomb.