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Clean Energy Surfboard?

Clean Energy Surfboard?

Tesla is famously playful when it comes to accessories accompanying their electric cars.

While we thought that Elon Musk would soon fly people to Mars, he instead released a carbon-based surfboard in the minimalistic and tech heavy Tesla form factor.

Elon Musk is pretty awesome. He plays by no rules, and his team creates new and exciting products all the time. So far they’ve made a $10.000 flamethrower, an underground elevator, and now a lightweight surfboard. The surfboard is manufactured by Tesla and uses the very same high-end engineering and materials used for both the space program and Tesla automobiles.

Why, you ask?

Because he can, and because people like to talk about silly and unexpected products once in a while.

Where can YOU go, as far as bringing unexpected products? It would make people talk for sure.