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Fashion X Food

Fashion X Food

Would you like a large Louis Vuitton soda with your vegan Gucci sandwich? That will be 100 dollars, please.

It’s incredible how luxury fashion brands always managed to be a part of feature films through product placement. If you wanted to be just as cool as James Bond, you had to get an Omega watch!

However, in 2018, fashion brands collaborate their way through to your daily food choices. Like the high-end streetwear brand, OFF-White, did a campaign with McDonald’s. Here you could order a Big Mac Meal totally equipped with packaging designed by OFF-White themselves.

This could be the start of a food market revolution where fashion brands will create a new way for us to express our lifestyle, from the wardrobe to interior and all the way to the dinner table.

Food is the star of Instagram – that’s a fact

One in five European Instagram-user has shared a picture of food during the last month.

Aesthetics rule over taste on Instagram. Sushi has 20 million hashtags, where burgers only have 10 million. So, in order to become shareable, there is a way: integrating beautifully designed packaging to greasy fast food and bring it to life on Instagram.

If you are in fashion, why not seek out for your favourite food stand and embark on a fresh and interesting marketing journey. Your customers are “hungry” for trendy and aesthetically pleasing comfort food.