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Look Down For The Perfect Background

Look Down For The Perfect Background

Don’t look too far for the perfect Instagram shot. All you might need to do, is to look down.

I want to take you back to art class; its late in the afternoon and you stopped paying attention to the blackboard since you discovered your doodling skills in the corner of your dusty textbook. I know you haven’t learned about photo composition in middle school, but that’s what the internet is for right?


Photo perspective makes the subject stand out.

Catching the eyes of your customers and visitors on your Instagram, can be something of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

It shouldn’t matter how you tilt your camera when you take a shot, but it actually does. By focusing on the person, or product in the picture while tilting your camera from a viewpoint will transform the whole road/grass/floor into your background. This will result in a much cleaner image, with less noisy background imagery, which can take away the focus from what you want to show.

Put this powerful superpower into your daily photo game and play around with the many beautiful and effective backgrounds under your feet.