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Storytelling Packaging

Storytelling Packaging

It’s not only the snack corporations who sell you more air than product. For Nike, it makes sense, too.

Nike has really hit the nail on the head with its “bubble” packaging when they were doing a rebranding of their “Air” models back in 2016. The air served a real function while still being true to the product in this campaign. This is where product identity and packaging fuse together seamlessly. All you need, is a deep breath of fresh “air” to come up with an idea like this.


Don’t just tell about a function, show the function. That’s functional marketing. 

Festina Watches has created a fully transparent and avant-garde way to display their divers-watch by showing its waterproofness, fully immersed in water at the store shelve. This is done in the spirit of “We believe in what we see”, and will convince the biggest sceptic about the quality build of the watch.

Why not using the elements of this very planet to showcase your products like these guys?