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Supreme Times

Supreme Times

These days you can’t say New York without saying Supreme. Since 2010, this street fashion brand has managed to build an almost religiously devoted following  with their limited products launching weekly. They pretty much make the que for an iPhone release look like a Sunday picnic.

Last week, Supreme made one of the boldest marketing moves in the history of fashion. They bought the entire front and back cover of The New York Post and printed nothing but their iconic  red logo.

Now, that’s what we call iconic marketing. They managed to translate the whole culture around their brand and actualize the same hype in a $1 newspaper. It only took a few hours before the newspapers were sold out and were spotted on eBay for up to $19. That’s a 1900% price raise, in case you were wondering.

It’s always good to see others do the impossible and succeed – and now it’s proven to work. Can you imagine how everything would change if you bought the front and back cover of your local newspaper?

We sure can.