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Tall, Grande, Starbucks Milano

Tall, Grande, Starbucks Milano

Extravagance in Milano is as big and fancy as it gets. Starbucks opens its most beautiful store in the Piazza district in Milano offering experiences never seen before.

The new Milan Roastery pays homage to the Italian coffee culture by offering customers an immersive coffee experience. It has it all and draws inspiration from its successful interactive Starbucks store in Shanghai.

This is so much more than just ordering a cup of coffee. It will have a giant visible coffee roaster in 24k gold, creating the perfect aroma in the whole café. The roastery will also have an authentic Italian ice cream bar serving coffee flavours from Starbucks – first of its kind globally. The store features stunning interior, all sourced from local Italian materials, and there will be a “Arriviamo Bar” serving cocktails and food.

What a place to visit for retail inspiration! Make sure to stop by next time you’re in Italy.