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The Lifesaving Polo

The Lifesaving Polo

Buy a Polo and save an entire species before lunchtime.

 Lacoste has recently given the iconic crocodile a little bit of “me time”, as the world’s most endangered species were in need of an urgent rescue.

They produced a very limited amount of each polo, correlating to the remaining count of the animal on the chest. 350 pieces of the Sumatran tiger, 67 of the Javan Rhino and only 30 of the Vaquita – whatever that is. You know its endangered when you have never heard of it.

This campaign has generated a whole lot of hype and excitement around the fashion business, because of Lacoste’s incredible ability to combine both game-changing CSR, their famous logo and the hype of limited quantities.

Most of us really want to make a difference in this world, for the good of all. I certainly did as a child reading superhero comics and watching movies with great heroes who conquered evil and gave life to the world.

This is where the power of CSR communication really has the potential to evoke our deep yearning to be a better person and to do positive changes in the world around us.

Have a solid and visible goal for your CSR activities and create the buzz – your customers will feel proud of being a part of it.