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“Trashy” Sneakers

“Trashy” Sneakers

Adidas x Parley is stepping up their focus on oceanic plastic waste.

Last year, Adidas introduced their first sneaker made 100% from oceanic waste found in the Pacific Ocean. This has led to a real demand from consumers, who actually want to express their care for the planet and the ocean through the shoes on their feet. Adidas now offers a wide selection of Parley x Adidas models, which cleans the ocean while giving you some fresh new footwear.

The money raised from the sneakers sold are put to use in sea life expeditions where volunteers go to polluted places, where corals and sea creatures are disrupted by plastic waste and where they help the ecosystem to regulate itself.

How can your brand save the world? Think way outside the box – you won’t find the answer in there.

Check out their Parley Instagram and learn more about the campaigns: