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LEGO wants to produce all its bricks from sugarcane-based bio-plastic before 2030.

 If you ask anybody else than Trump, they will say that the future is sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly. But, where do we start? One of the crown jewels of Danish export, LEGO, will already start replacing selected products with plant-based bio-plastic in 2018.

I’m not surprised… This morning, I had plant-based yogurt and tonight is going to be plant-burger-night for sure. The aim for Lego is to reduce the enormous plastic waste from manufacturing bricks, as the vegan bricks will compost 100 times quicker than a regular plastic brick.

Lego launches their campaign by introducing leaf, tree and plant-looking bricks, which are made of sugarcane bio-plastic, later this year.

If giant corporations are aiming for plant-based options, why not take a big inspirational leap in that direction with your business?

Watch Lego’s campaign video below: