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“will it blend”

“will it blend”

Pranks and stupidity from our childhood still live on in our subconscious minds as adults – and thrives on Youtube, where some companies have seen a 500% increase in sales from destroying products. 

It’s hard to point to a person who has never done something “stupid” in their childhood, like blowing up a glass bottle with fireworks or shot at old vases with an airgun. Slowly, these acts fall shorter and shorter as we grow up, but never disappear completely. Videos of people shooting an iPad with a shotgun in the California desert and videos of someone blending the latest iPhone has been a reoccurring trend on youtube as viral videos since 2011.

Blendtech is a blender company, that has recorded videoes of themselves blending everything from a broomstick to an Apple watch on their “will it blend” Youtube channel. These videos have generated multi-million views on each of their videos, and collected over 800.000 subscribers to their Youtube channel, just waiting to see what they will blend next. Blendtech says themselves, that because of these viral videos, they have seen a 500% increase in sales.

Watch below how they blended a iPhone 7: