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Less outdoor - more online marketing

Less outdoor - more online marketing

Empty streets and shops, working at home and travel activity at almost zero.
This is the new reality after the Covid-19 has forced people all over the world to change their behaviour and lifestyle. Changes, that every company need to face by reinventing their marketing strategies. Planned out-of-home advertisement or offline activities, such as billboards, banners, bus commercials and events are being cancelled or paused. Even UEFA EURO 2020 is expected to be cancelled and moved to 2021. Desperate times calls for desperate measures - no, that's not true in this case. 

Here is 3 ways to reach your audience in the new world:


According to QuestMobile, daily time spent on mobile internet increased from 6.1 hours in early January and to 6.8 hours during Lunar New Year. It increased even further to 7.3 hours after the holidays, when workers were placed in self-quarantine in China. The same is likely to happen in Europe. Cancelled events and much time spend indoor, most of us will be looking to the people we follow on social media for ideas, within the comfort of our home, we can entertain ourself with. A golden opportunity to interact with an audience that has your full attention.


If you thought television advertisement is dead - you're wrong.
The new everyday life just handed TV commercials a helping hand, by making it relevant again. But remember to consider which channels to use, because TV has also been digitalised and flow TV may not be the way to go. And big sport events are being cancelled or postponed, which usually was the go-to for many companies. Where to go now?

3. Search Engine Optimization

Use the time and money to optimize your website so that it show up in search results in search engines like Google. Search engines decide which websites to show for a search based on specific keywords on the website and links that refer to this website. An action that will give you an improved organic reach.